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4 glaring landing page errors you should avoid

  The internet is full of advice on things which you should be doing with your website, but sometimes what not to do can be just as useful, explaining what you should steer clear of at all costs. Here we go through some definite 'don'ts' for your landing page design. 1. Don't confuse the issue Is your landing page there for a specific purpose, be it a product, service or promotion? In that case, there is really is no point mixing your content on the page with anything else. For example, if a landing page is designed to facilitate applications for a language learning course, don't clutter the page with course options for different subjects, as this only confuses...More

How to achieve online consistency

Whatever industry you're in, the chances are that people are going to find you online, so your digital marketing strategy really matters! As the term implies, your strategy should encompass all of your marketing strands, and sit alongside your traditional marketing activities, too. As a beginning, you will want to consider your website, your online search advertising, SEO and social media. You may also want to look at email marketing and mobile advertising. Websites have changed a lot in recent years. The biggest change has come about with the massive take-up of smartphones and tablets: people no longer have to get home and switch on a computer to get their digital updates, they’re in their pockets and dominating...More

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