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27 Mar 2016

How to achieve online consistency

How to achieve online consistency

How to achieve online consistency


Whatever industry you're in, the chances are that people are going to find you online, so your digital marketing strategy really matters! As the term implies, your strategy should encompass all of your marketing strands, and sit alongside your traditional marketing activities, too.

As a beginning, you will want to consider your website, your online search advertising, SEO and social media. You may also want to look at email marketing and mobile advertising.

Websites have changed a lot in recent years. The biggest change has come about with the massive take-up of smartphones and tablets: people no longer have to get home and switch on a computer to get their digital updates, they’re in their pockets and dominating their leisure time. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly, with a clean, streamlined design. Make it clear who you are – for your digital marketing strategy, which covers so many outputs, consistency is key.

Search advertising varies from search engine to search engine, so make sure you are following the rules. Consistency is key again – identify your keywords and calls to action, keep them relevant and above all make them coherent! The same applies to your SEO - if you're going to have a blog populate it with fresh, relevant content including the search terms you want to pick up. While you will have your own ideas on keywords, speak to your customers and ask what they would search for if they were looking for you.

Social media is a great thing in the right hands, but it's also something you should be very careful with. The difference between lighthearted post and a flippant or crass one is very small, so make sure your social media activity is planned and thought out – Twitter is littered with examples of people posting on the fly in response to a situation, and getting it badly wrong. Keep yourself consistent and recognisable and resist the temptation to share something that isn’t in keeping with your online personality, however funny it may be!

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