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27 Mar 2016

4 glaring landing page errors you should avoid

4 glaring landing page errors you should avoid

4 glaring landing page errors you should avoid



The internet is full of advice on things which you should be doing with your website, but sometimes what not to do can be just as useful, explaining what you should steer clear of at all costs. Here we go through some definite 'don'ts' for your landing page design.

1. Don't confuse the issue

Is your landing page there for a specific purpose, be it a product, service or promotion? In that case, there is really is no point mixing your content on the page with anything else. For example, if a landing page is designed to facilitate applications for a language learning course, don't clutter the page with course options for different subjects, as this only confuses the visitor. Keep it simple.

2. Don't include too many links

By the same token, you should not have too many inbound or outbound links within the copy on the landing page. Focus on how you wish the visitor to engage, and don't give them too many routes away from the page. After all, we can all get 'click happy' while browsing the web, but your landing page should aim to drive a visitor to a certain action.

3. Headline is key

Your headline is your show starter; an attention grabbing welcome to a landing page that should be of great informational value, while also adding a potential benefit to the visitor where possible. It should act as a teaser to keep the visitor reading on, and if relevant, it should direct them to the next step of their desired journey within your site.

4. Take care with your call to action

Using a call to action button which simply says 'submit' is no good in today's data privacy-conscious climate. If you would like a visitor to provide their details as part of an application, then 'sign up for a free trial', or 'discover more today', gives the reader a tangible benefit that is more likely to tempt them to submit details.

So there you have it, some common errors you should avoid when it comes to landing pages. Talk to us today to find out how we can design a landing page for you that can improve your website's efficiency.

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